Annual Reports

The OCDSB releases an annual report in the fall of each year.  The report is a summary of accomplishments from the previous school year and details progress on our strategic priorities, student achievement data, budget facts and figures, enrollment information and much more.

Director's Annual Report to the Community


Dr. Jennifer Adams

It’s with great pride that we present to you the Director’s Annual Report. This year is particularly close to my heart; it is the last time the report will come from me as I will be retiring in December 2018. So I look at this report with new eyes — reflecting on what teaching and learning has looked like this past year, as well as looking forward into the future.

It also marks year 3 of the Board’s four-year strategic plan and the last full year of the current Board of Trustees. I was so pleased when the Board created this strategic plan, basing all of its efforts on helping our students develop the 10 characteristics and skills outlined in our OCDSB Exit Outcomes. What I liked about this strategic plan was that it was truly based on a vision for student learning — one that encompasses what business leaders, as well as those in the field of psychology, are telling us will enable our students to be active, engaged, happy citizens as they move into adulthood.

Our new Board will take over on December 3, 2018. They will welcome the new Director, Camille Williams-Taylor, and will engage with the consultation for and the development of the OCDSB Strategic Plan 2019–2023. Such exciting work! My hope is that it will continue to be based on the OCDSB Exit Outcomes, a vision for 21st century learners.

Now back to our accomplishments in 2017–2018. This reports highlights some of the wonderful learning taking place in our District across the five pillars of learning, well-being, equity, engagement and stewardship.

Here are some of my personal highlights:

Learning — We’re seeing the Exit Outcomes as a guide to help our educators ensure that our students are engaged in authentic, interactive, meaningful learning. I’m also happy to see that our EQAO results improved this year, with our students scoring at or above the province in most assessment categories.

Well-Being — We listened to our students when they shared their thoughts during this year’s OurSCHOOLS survey. They told us that it’s really important for them to feel included. So we’re engaging them, the experts, in helping us do that work.

Equity — So much to be proud of, so much more to do. Did you know that moving forward, 9 secondary schools will offer the grade 11 compulsory English course based entirely on indigenous writers? A win/win for our indigenous and non-indigenous students. And the Board formally acknowledged the UN Decade for People of African Descent. This declaration will translate into definitive actions this year. Again, a win/win for all of our students.

Engagement — We have a lot to celebrate. Our student trustees and student senators focused the entire year on helping the OCDSB Exit Outcomes become a reality in our classrooms. They were very clear in expressing that this is the way students want to learn. And we engaged specific groups of students in District-wide student forums — the Rainbow Youth Forum, the Indigenous Student Forum, and the first ever Black Student Forum. We’re taking their lead. Finally, our annual Parent Conference has reached new heights. Hundreds of parents now come together with us on a Saturday in the fall thanks to the great work of our Parent Involvement Committee (PIC).

Stewardship — Trustees and senior staff take the task of balancing budgets and differentiated allocation of resources very seriously. Our school and department leaders follow up at their sites. Thanks to their combined efforts, the District is in a favourable financial position, one that will allow us to support teaching and learning in the years to come.

The report provides great examples of our successes across the District. Reading this summary myself, it helps me to leave this District knowing that the people — staff, trustees, students, parents, and community members — will continue to work hard to ensure that the District remains one of the best in the province and beyond.

Thanks to all of you for your shared leadership in this meaningful endeavour — the success of our 73,000 students.

Dr. Jennifer Adams
Director of Education/Secretary of the Board

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