Consultation Results

Thank you for your interest in OCDSB #EverySchool_EveryVoice strategic plan consultation process. Beginning in December 2014, we invited students (grades 8-12), parents, employees and community partners to engage in a conversation about our schools. We're excited to report that we had 13,494 individuals respond. They shared 42,026 thoughts and assigned 649,026 Stars to their top priorities from across the District. We’ve reviewed your thoughts and priorities and now want to share the results with you.




In the chart below, we have summarized the total number of stars applied to thoughts under each theme. The District is proud to say that the theme of Teachers, staff and leadership received the highest number of stars in the Appreciates category!

*Bar graph is based on themes. Every thought was assigned to one of the following sub-themes. The Interactive Web Report uses these sub-themes.

Theme Descriptions


(sub-themes included in description in bold)


School Environment


Includes School Climate such as atmosphere, respect, bullying, parent involvement, community involvement and includes Safety and Supervision-on playground, visitors, layout and other physical safety concerns.


Extracurricular and Experiential Learning


Extracurricular Activities such as clubs, intermural, and fieldtrips that are extra-curricular in nature as well as Career and Experiential Learning such as vocational programs, independent student projects, internships, field trips related to class content, speakers and volunteering.


Programming and Extra-curricular Opportunities


All Arts and Music Programs, as well as Academics and programming such as academic classes, program structure, curriculum, and course offerings, homework; Language Courses including French immersion programs; Athletics programs including physical education (PE), athletic and sport team programming. Elective courses; Scheduling including exam schedules, vacation schedules, start/end times of the day, or scheduling of examinations as well as prep time and staff schedules.




Communication: Teacher and parent/student- the amount, frequency, quality, or types of communication between parent and teacher as well as Communication tools and resources- methods used for both external and internal communication in general such as newsletters, websites, etc.


Instruction and Program Delivery


Support and engage all learners- individualized programming, tutoring, balancing the needs of all types of learners (including special needs), can’t be one size fits all, more engaging learning opportunities, variety of activities, etc. As well as Class size: individualized attention – references the number of students in a classroom, and how this affects a student’s ability to receive teacher assistance. Not about learner diversity, more about the sheer number of students and the relationships. Almost always references class size; Student planning and support- Providing planning and guidance for students with course selection, education planning, post-secondary education planning and transitions between all levels of schools; Instruction and program delivery- personal competency, professional performance, and the ability to deliver curriculum. Often discussions around evaluating teachers and creating improvement plans, or the quality of instruction delivered by a teacher; Class size: variety of learners –References the large variety, diversity (socioeconomic/ethnicity), skill levels and abilities of learners in a classroom including special needs, gifted. Often references the need for support workers. Almost always references class size. Classroom behavior management- Discusses characteristic of students classroom behavior and teachers ability to control the classroom.


School Facility and Resources


Facilities and infrastructure relates to school building structure relates to school building structures or lands. Building, parking and drop-off, playgrounds, sports fields, etc. Overcrowding at school, growth of school population, etc. Waste management like recycling, composting, garbage, etc. Funding and budget relates to specific conversation about funding and the budget, the need for fundraising, extra program fees (lunch and extracurricular), supply shortages, teachers providing their own supplies, budget concerns in general; Transportation- Bussing, drive times, transport in general. Technology for learning- Technological resources available to teachers and students for improved learning. Includes infrastructure like wifi and high speed as well as equipment and software. Technology for school and academic management – Technological resources and infrastructure related to school management and reporting of student grades. Food program- Food service quality, timing, length of lunch hour, cost or delivery for students and staff.


Student Wellness and Character Development


Life and study skills-Thoughts on skill development in areas useful for life beyond school. Examples include study skills, financial management, communication skills; Student health and fitness- Specific or general student health and wellness ideas-for example, student sleep habits or stress levels. Not course offerings, more about emotional and physical well-being. Student expectations-responsibilities of students regarding their classes and their school community, including attendance, use of alcohol, drugs and smoking, also parental accountability regarding student expectations.  


#EverySchool_EveryVoice: Discover the Results


The Discover stage identifies the major themes that emerged in the consultation by ranking thoughts that were given most stars. The category with the thoughts that received most stars emerges as the number one theme. For example, in Question 1, the top ranked category was Facilities and Infrastructure as the thoughts submitted by participants were given the highest number of stars (see infographic below). 


Please take a closer look at the District results. You’ll learn more about the overall process and have the opportunity to explore our results from a district-wide perspective. Click the link below and enjoy.


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