OECD Study – Frequently Asked Questions

How did my child’s school become involved in this study?

The study originates from the Centre for Education Research and Innovation (CERI) at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).  CERI does extensive research work that covers learning at all ages and reflects on the futures of schools and universities around the world.  CERI’s focus on social and emotional skills aligns with the work being done in Ottawa to improve student learning and well-being; therefore your child’s district and school are taking part.

What skills are being measured?

The study will measure the following social and emotional skills, based on the Big Five personality traits:

-Task performance;

-Emotional regulation;



-Engaging with others;


-and compound skills, such as self-efficacy, self-reflection, and critical thinking.

These skills closely align with our 
Exit Outcomes – the skills and characteristics we aim to develop in every student to foster student success beyond the classroom.

Why should my child participate?

Your child’s participation will produce valuable information about students’ social and emotional skills for an international study.  The purpose of the study is to help participating countries better understand the social and emotional skills of their students and to demonstrate that valid, reliable, and comparable information on social and emotional skills can be produced across diverse populations and settings.

Who is being asked to participate?

Students in grade 5 and grade 10, in select classes from all four Ottawa School Boards, are being asked to take part.  No individual is required to participate; participation is completely voluntary.

Who can see my child’s answers?

All answers will be submitted using a secure online survey tool and will be confidential and securely stored.  Anonymous data will be stored on a server in the United States and only accessible to the research team directly involved in the study.  Identifiable data will only be available to research personnel at our local school board.  No individual responses will be publicly released.  

My child receives support based on their IEP.  Will this support be available while my child completes the questionnaire?

Students have access to supports they typically use in other testing scenarios, such as EQAO assessments. 

Who will supervise the class while students participate?

The class will be supervised by test administrators who have been trained for this study, have experience with assessments, and have valid criminal record checks.  To ensure validity of student responses, test administrators cannot be the participants’ teacher. 

What happens next?

This is the first phase of a 3-part study.  The goal of this phase is to assess the reliability and validity of the instruments and to ensure that they are comparable across countries.  Next year, the study will continue with a new group of students, with a larger number of participants, to gather data on social and emotional skill development.  By participating in this phase, there is no assumption that you/your child will participate next year. A separate request for consent will be distributed at that time.

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